Monday, 28 November 2022

Spirit Lives on With The Same Worries Till Healed and Released

 The spirit cannot die. It can only choose to leave the body in order to get rid of adverse circumstances on Earth. If your loved one has died, a part of his energy is likely to remain with you till you release it.

Spirits who die fighting in war or at home etc continue fighting after rebirth till healed,calmed and released by the spirit releasement, Theta healing and past life therapies.

The spirit cannot leave if you keep thinking of it. Hence, it is better to let the memories of the form go than hope for that person to remain in that particular body form, as the spirit does not have that body anymore. If you keep calling the spirit, it enters your body because a spirit without a body becomes like a homeless man and needs your support constantly to live on; but it does not feel happy staying on with your support as its own soul has no purpose left to live on. It only stays to take care of you as it feels being constantly called. Parts of the spirit which remain attached to you remain negative.

The spirit continues future lifetimes in the same worries till healed and released. It affects the bodies it is attached to and its future births with making them excessively focused on negative aspects of life,anxieties and depressions.

The following is an excerpt from my book - Redefining Happiness- chapter on spirit release therapy.


If you feel overtly negative or depressed or have excess weight, you may be holding spirits in your body of dead or alive people you were once attached to. Spirit release helps in moving to a more positive state of mind.

Death needs to be taken as the soul shifting from one place to another. If death happens early in life, it may mean quitting a class half way. Hence, if we have the energy left to live, it us better to complete soil lessons in the present life , learn forgiveness and peacefulness and feel content than carry  over lessons to the nect life.

Saturday, 12 November 2022

The Higher Self


 The soul has a far greater essence than being just a body. It is a part of a higher awareness, which is called the Higher Self of the soul in a body. 

 Just as the bulb derives its power to radiate from the main electricity line, the soul derives its power from this greater source of life-fore energy, viz. the Higher Self, wherein the Higher Self derives its power from the main source of Life, viz. the Creator.

 The incarnated soul on Earth is a minute fragment of its Higher Self. Metaphorically, if the single soul in a body is like a small torch battery, the Higher Self is like an electric generator of a building. Or if the single soul is like a single ray of sunlight, the Higher Self is like the Sun. It is the same quality of energy as the soul but is much bigger in terms of power or energy involved and therefore, much more powerful than the single soul.

 The Higher Self exists in non-physical dimensions of the Light in spirit form. It has a much greater frequency 

than that of the soul in a physical body and therefore, it generates much more power than the soul of a physical 

body. The single soul is connected to this Higher Self and gets its sense of identity from the larger whole. 

The soul energy is by itself formless. It incarnates in a physical body which has a form. Being in a physical body is like giving an expression to a painting which the Higher Self’s consciousness creates in alignment with its purpose of incarnation. 

The soul takes birth in the human body to learn the art of mastering the process of creation on the physical dimension. By virtue of being the part of the Creator, the Soul is the Co-creator of the Universe.

This blog is an extract from the book - The Life Plan vs.The Astrological Report by

 Shiva Swati


Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Positivity & Salvation Come From Pursuing Contentment Not Ignoring Soul Needs

 To ensure expansion of positivity over destructive tendencies in self, it is necessary to ensure that the soul remains optimistic about attaining its desires in the future, as a soul who becomes too negative while overcoming problems loses interest in learning the art of creation of happiness and seeks to leave Earth by developing diseases in the body which lead to death. The soul who has no desire would not co-create anything positive. 

Hence, giving up desires of happiness or peacefulness does not get you salvation or nirvana or emotional management. 

For example, human civilization developed from a desire to build houses. If man had given up the struggle of converting nonsensical barren land to sensible existentialism, we would still be animals living without houses in jungles. 

Therefore, difficulties have to be overcome such that desires continue to motivate the person to create a better life, which is possible only when positive emotions dominate over negative emotions through learning how to apply emotional management in everyday life. 

Our soul is like a driver while the body is like a car. A soul who can maintain a healthy body and an optimistic mind through rough patches of life increases its power as a co-creator and helps God just as a driver becomes better in his skills after crossing over speed obstacles; while a soul who feels helpless through life and keeps compromising reduces its vibrational frequency, develops diseases in the body, restlessness in mind and practically, lowers the potential power of the Creator. 

Happiness is an energy of a positive frequency and has to be attained by defeating the thinking of dominating negative frequencies which exist around the soul by either converting the situation to feel positive as desired or moving away from the negative person and situation by understanding detachment. 

Usually, people fail to learn the necessary emotional skills and hence, are unable to achieve happiness as desired. 

Just earning money, success or fame are not enough to find happiness, good health or inner satisfaction.

This blog is an excerpt from the book - A Course In Emotional Management.

Sunday, 2 October 2022

Emotional Management - How Does It Help Transcend Negativity To Be Positive


Emotional management helps a person learn how to remain positive when negative energy attacks in the form of difficulties. If the person does not understand how to manage emotions such as to convert negative energy into positive by choice, his/her soul starts radiating depression as negative energy takes over the positive life force of the person. The person’s thinking, spoken words and soul vibrations vibrate out the energy of predominant feelings being focused upon.  A person dominated by negative emotions allows the energy of compromise to rule his mind and his body starts behaving dis-satisfactorily like a bulb glowing with less light.


The ‘WHY MEE? ‘Syndrome is an illusion of alienation which does not exist at the energy realms in which the soul breathes through life. Problems attack every soul incarnating on Earth in different ways depending on the life plan and soul lessons chosen by each while incarnating. Every person on Earth encounters negative frequencies which have to be overcome while the soul endeavors to master the art of creation on Earth, as a co-creator or part of the Creator.

Difficulties come in the path of achieving emotional desires and are planned by the soul itself for learning soul lessons of evolution, before incarnating in a life-plan. To understand the art of creation on Earth, the soul makes a detailed life-plan with a syllabus made in the energy realms before incarnating, wherein it entails soul tests which include its life purpose, priorities, skills, desires and difficulties. The life plan is like a map which guides to a destination of higher positive frequency than the soul had at the point of birth. From the general soul’s perspective, the life plan is achieved if the soul dies happier than it was born.

To be happy and healthy, the soul has to clear its soul tests and rise to a higher, vibrationally positive energy frequency by learning soul lessons. If diseases and tensions pre-dominate a person’s body & mind, the soul feels like a failure as it devolves to a lower, negative frequency instead of evolving to positivity, as planned.

The soul feels successful when negative frequencies which create difficulties are overruled or transcended to positive energy frequencies such that good ( high frequency) emotions dominate over bad ( Low frequency)energies within the self and hence, positive vibrations radiates out from the self.

To be happy and successful at the same time, a balance between hope and realism has to be attained such that hope wins over pessimism. To ensure expansion of positivity over destructive tendencies in self, it is necessary to ensure that the soul remains optimistic about attaining its desires in the future, as a soul who becomes too negative while overcoming problems loses interest in learning the art of creation of happiness and seeks to leave Earth by developing diseases in the body which lead to death. The soul who has no desire would not co-create anything positive. Hence, giving up desires of happiness or peacefulness is not emotional management.

 For example, human civilization developed from a desire to build houses. If man had given up the struggle of converting nonsensical barren land to sensible existentialism, we would still be animals living without houses in jungles.

Therefore, difficulties have to be overcome such that desires continue to motivate the person to create a better life, which is possible only when positive emotions dominate over negative emotions through learning how to apply emotional management in everyday life.

 For further reading, please refer to the book  - EMOTIONAL ENERGY MANAGEMENT

Sunday, 11 September 2022

Soul Evolution , Karmic Contracts

 Evolution indicates growth and advancement. Soul evolution means the ability to create happiness in life along with technological advancement.

Though it is presumed so, usually, technological advancement does not mean an automatic increase in happiness. An increase in happiness implies that we rise to a higher level of emotional contentment with the choices we make in life, that there is a reduction in problems arising due to a diseased mind or body, and that anxiety and stress levels reduce as people realise higher levels of success.

During the last few centuries, with the industrial revolution, we have grown immensely technologically but remain at almost the same level in terms of being happy as we probably did two thousand years ago. Hence, in spite of technological or material advancement, we cannot say that we have evolved asthan we did when they weren’t there. The form of the conflicts may have changed but their energy intensity has multiplied with our stress levels.

If we observe a community when Jesus Christ lived and the present society, we find that there are similar levels of greed, revenge and emotional traumas today as were recorded then.

We have focused on improving our physical living conditions while ignoring the fact that we need bodily comfort to feel emotionally better not worse.

For example, if we buy a car to feel better, then the comfort arising from buying the car is an emotional experience, and not a purely physical experience. 

But, we do not always feel better emotionally after buying a car though we buy the car hoping that it would add to our happiness. The happiness which comes from buying any object is transitory and fades as soon as the newness of the item fades away. That is because feeling happier entails more than just spending money to buy material goods like the car.

So, if we just focus on improving our life at a materialistic level, our method of pursuit of happiness becomes lop-sided. Buying material goods does not change the energy structure underlying our souls during the course of history.

That is because we are not happier people than we have been since centuries. The machines, mobiles, aeroplanes and computers have not ensured that we face lesser internal conflicts, depressions or anxiety.

Therapy for soul empowerment us required to understand life planning, purpose of birth, karmic contracts..

Karmic contracts exist from past life and pre birth stage of the present life to help a soul acheive his or her life purpose on Earth. 

This blog is an extraction from the book- In Search Of Happiness, a soul's perspective 


Sunday, 12 June 2022

The Art Of Mastering Consciousness

 With each step forward in the wilderness, expect Light and sooner or later, you will know where to find it.  While the Sun may be temporarily blinded by clouds, it is always there, and it will appear, sooner or later…..Believe, it is there and you will SEE IT, as soon as you EXPECT TO SEE IT!”

 This blog is an excerpt from the book - CREATION OF HAPPINESS- THE ENERGY WAR, a soul's perspective -chapter 15 

free PDF download on


Mastering consciousness is the art of fine tuning our expectations so that we think of only that which we desire to create, or let our mind remain still, as in thoughtless states. The idea of mastering consciousness is to ensure that we do not waste energy on thinking of that which we do not desire to happen in our lives.


           Random negative thoughts which we drift upon in lazy moments of exhaustion, worry or helplessness, come in the way of manifestation of a clear, positive desire. Our doubts prevent energy from getting focused on a single positive outcome, thus, preventing a desire from manifesting. If we keep feeling sad or focusing on the negative, our mental energy keeps getting dissipatated and nothing concrete can manifest.


Metaphorically, a positive expectation is like a rocket leaving for its destination, whereas negative thoughts (viz. doubts and fears that the expectation may not manifest) are like small missiles planted across the path of the rocket. The missiles prevent the rocket from reaching its destination. Mastering consciousness attempts to prevent the missiles from shooting down the rocket.









A desire can manifest if persistent effort is invested mentally on feeling its realization with satisfaction and physically, if action is taken by the body to manifest the desire.


Manifestation of a desire is a SOUL – MIND – BODY co-creative function. The soul creates the desire. The mind fuels the desire by manifesting it by feelings entailed in a thought. The body executes the desire by taking action upon the thought. If action is taken with a positive feeling, the desire manifests with satisfaction. However, if doubts start interfering in the manifestation of a desire, the desire loses its energy fuel and may not manifest at all or manifest in a way that it does not lead to satisfaction.



A desire is fueled from the frontal lobe of the brain. However, doubts come from the back of the head and the spine. While the desire is energized an s a long ray of positive thought, doubts manifest as tiny arrows which keep cutting the line of thought till it gets distorted. Doubts can be created within the self from past experiences of failure or they can be sent to the brain through transfer of energies of doubts from people around.


To manifest the desire with the continuous arrows of doubts coming from the back of the brain, the soul frequency has to be raised of the desire so that tiny arrows can be destroyed in the mind before they block manifestation of the desire. Soul frequency can be raised when a desire is planned to manifest such that satisfaction yielded is higher than pain involved in effort invested/







We, as souls, choose to master our consciousness when we crave for peace and happiness above all else. Once we are clear that we want to be happy, we use all obstacles as learning steps. Thus, we choose to understand the soul’s perspective behind every difficulty.


In the process of mastering consciousness, we focus on negative feelings only as much as is needed for learning how to overcome them. Otherwise, we stay in a vibration of positive expectation. We gain from the difficulties by extracting the positive message of soul evolution, which the encounter is meant for.


Other than imbibing the message, and taking the necessary steps to overcome the problem, the master soul tries to deliberately stay away from negative feelings. Instead, it makes an effort to remain focused on the realization of the happy feelings, it wants to experience.

Using the negative experience only for learning from the beginning, and discarding the low frequency energy, as soon as possible, is necessary to prevent the negative feelings from spreading negative energy in our body, mind and soul.


Even the slightest unnecessary or extra focus on negative thoughts is dangerous, as negative thoughts once focused upon, can grow so persistent that they can prevent the whole process of creation of a dream.


A negative thought has the same effect as a drug like cocaine has on the body. It releases negative hormones in the blood stream. Even a little bit of focus on brooding negatively, can make a person an addict and prevent him from being productive.

Negative thinkers cannot manifest anything they desire because they are unable to dream of being in a positive world. They always have negative expectations and, therefore, keep creating new problems for themselves.


Hence, people focused on cribbing and worrying are unproductive from the perspective of learning the art of creation, because they keep stimming around the same circles of grumbling on different issues.


Through creating a dissatisfying reality for themselves, with a constant focus on the negative, they block their own souls from evolving up on the dimensional scale. They are self-destructive and waste complete life-times in futile effort towards mechanical success, as the effort they indulge in does not help them grow happy, as souls.


Mastering consciousness is the goal of the process of soul evolution. Initially, in the process, we, as souls, learn how to overcome the tendency to get distracted by negative thoughts, when we focus on a positive outcome.

As the soul further evolves, the art of mastering consciousness involves fine tuning positive expectations to create exactly what we desire. This means that the soul not only doesn’t get distracted by the negative, but also is very specific in the positive direction it focuses on.


           While learning to fine tune its expectations, the soul focuses on the details involved in each thought, which involves focusing on the overall holistic feeling involved, as well as on the minute feelings involved in the outcome desired.


           For example, if we want a new dress and we don’t have money to buy it, the initial process of creation would entail that, through constant focus on the imagined feel of wearing it, we are able to get a new dress in our life, irrespective of where it comes from. It may be gifted by someone or we may decide to splurge on it.

            However, the dress may not give us the satisfaction we expected it to, because it may not look good on us or we may realize that we wanted a deeper feel good factor than the dress. Or, we may have impulsively spent money on buying it, which we did not want to. This error in creation occurs because of the focus on the external picture and not on the feeling behind it.

            If, instead we had focused on feeling good while wearing the dress, we would have bought a dress which looks good on us and which we would have bought from money we did not regret spending.

            Or, if we had focused only on feeling good, irrespective of the dress, we would have felt good irrespective of whether we bought the dress or not, through being subconsciously led to something else, which would have made us feel as good or better.


            Hence, learning the art of creation entails mastering consciousness to the extent of understanding the feeling entailed behind each external manifestation, and having the ability to focus upon the feeling while focusing on the external picture. Also, the focus has to be maintained, without worrying about how it would manifest.


           If we do not focus on the HOW, the desire manifests in unexpected ways.


           For instance, a friend I had was not getting a house for rent in her budget. She used to feel negative often and it took years for her to get convinced about the fact that feeling helpless cannot ever empower her. She finally, saw reason in applying the Law of Creation, after having failed to achieve happiness, by cribbing about not having.

            As a trial, she decided, to control her mind from dwelling on the feelings of helplessness and frustration. She used her desire to live in a better house for her trial experiment. So, Instead of feeling negative in the house she was living in; she started to focus on the energy of being in a house which had a ‘feel good’ factor.

            She was good in meditation. She stilled her mind and connected to the Light and asked for the energy of happiness to fill her body and mind. After feeling the positive vibration of happiness without attaching any form to it, she felt purified in her own energy. She then, focused on being in the house which helped her feel positive in alignment with her soul’s purpose of evolution.

            She soon found a house near her workplace, which was for rent. But, it was a little expensive for her. The landlord was not willing to lower the rent.

            So, the next step to focus on, was to tell the landlord, mentally to lower the rent. Telepathy is most effective when done before sleeping at night or as soon as we get up, in a semi drowsy state, so that arguments are minimized.

            She did telepathy for three days.

            The desire manifested in a way she had not expected. She had been looking at the first floor of the building, but while praying she did not ask for the first floor, specifically. As a result of her meditation and the impact it had on the universal energy matrix, someone took the first floor before she reached. But, she got the second floor in her budget. It was almost as nice, except that she had to climb one more flight of stairs, which she was okay with.

            Well, it did not end there because her ambition grew as she succeeded. She, instead, took the ground floor house of that building which was the most spacious and more than in her original budget. Because she succeeded in her meditation, her faith grew and she decided that she did not want to compromise on her happiness. She could now meditate on her income increasing and manifest that.

So, one positive manifestation led to a desire for another positive manifestation; and scope for further soul evolution. With each choice of leaping on faith, her realization of happiness grew. She felt happier and more relaxed when she shifted to her new house. The positive energy  made her feel stronger to achieve her soul’s purpose , her innermost desire, by trusting her instincts more than the negative reality she encountered, externally. As her inner focus changed, her external reality started becoming better, through unexpected circumstances and coincidences.


Thus, by concentrating on mastering consciousness, our positive expectation is specifically activated. We mobilize our energies to get the particular  feelings we desire to manifest, without wasting effort in erroneous creation.


           Erroneous creation could have happened in the above example if she had not used the Law of Creation correctly by staying focused on a positive outcome.


            If she had not used mind control to stay positive, she would have stayed worried that she would have to compromise on her budget or not take the house. That way she would have created the opposite of what she desired. By feeling helpless about her life situation, as she often did earlier, she may have again manifested a house, which did not please her as much. But, when she could get the house in her budget, and her other desires also started manifesting little by little, her faith in the energy matrix, grew.

            Her soul evolved in the process of using the Law of Creation, because it increased her confidence in herself as being able to create what she desired, through controlling her mind. The external world manifested her focus in an unexpected manner which made both her and the landlord happy.


            (The precaution we used here to not create something which may harm somebody else, was that she connected to the Light before meditating and asked her soul mind to manifest her desire in a way which raised her soul frequency towards believing that happiness exists. So, the desire manifested in a positive manner and not in a way which could have harmed another person or caused karmic imbalancing. 


            It is important to still our mind and feel the light, fluid energy of peace in our mind and stomach, while using the Laws of Creation. Focusing on peace reinforces the energies of being in peace. Otherwise, desires may manifest in unexpected ways, which may cause us more pain than pleasure in the long run)





Explaining Through A Metaphor


           Metaphorically, learning the process of creation is like learning painting. The art of mastering consciousness is the same concept as the process of mastering the paint brush. Learning to use the paintbrush accurately is necessary to paint exactly what one wants.

           In the initial stages, the painter would fumble with the paintbrush. He would not know how to focus his paint to get the outcome he desires. But, with practice, he would get better.


           Mastering consciousness, like mastering the paintbrush, requires that the creator designs his thinking knowing what he wants from his efforts.

           For, if the painter paints without knowing what he wants, then even though sometimes the painting comes out beautiful, most of the times the painting does not come out as the painter desires. Without understanding what he wants to paint, the painter, effectively, wastes his effort and resources.


           Similarly, if the thoughts of a person wander aimlessly, he, effectively, creates randomness/anarchy in the life he paints for himself. His desires do not match his expectations, and he ends up creating a life which he did not desire at the level of feeling. Material success without feeling happy within leads to intense feelings of frustration.


           Soul evolution entails a balancing of goals because happiness is a holistic phenomenon. If we are happy in one aspect of life and unhappy in other aspects of life, our soul cannot rise to a very high positive frequency because the energy of unhappiness would block the energy of happiness from taking root, in our core being.


           Therefore, in personal life we, as evolving souls, have to make efforts to invest our energies in feeling loved and respected, and in professional life, we have to make work choices which makes us feel exuberant and fulfilled from within, rather than choosing jobs which makes us feel that we are mechanically performing.


           It is only when the person understands the feelings he wants to see manifesting in his life, and focuses on only and all those feelings and thoughts, which can get him what he desires in a deliberate, planned manner, can he mobilize energies to create the same in his life.


           Mastering Consciousness in everyday life means that we focus not only on attaining material success but also focus on feeling good in our free time. It entails that we attain success in emotional parameters along with the countable success we may attain in our professional life. It is necessary that we do not assume that financial success would automatically bring in happiness because it won’t. To feel happy with our energy investments, we need to make effort to be happy and healthy with positive mind control, while pursuing our goals.


           On the other hand, Mastering Consciousness also entails that if a person is focused on feeling happy, then his focus has to be on being productively happy and not become a drug addict to remain in bliss. The happiness he focuses on has to lead to soul evolution and him becoming a better person.


         If the soul is evolving with our choice of dominant focus, we would remain stoic and positive, during life’s challenges and overcome them with a smile. Disappointments would not appear as daunting. We would be able to control tears with a deliberate effort to feeling happy. Detachment from betrayals and moving on to feeling peaceful within, than focusing on past traumas or revenge, would become progressively easier



           Like the painter, who, with practice becomes more adept at handling the paintbrush, the soul becomes more adept in the art of creation with evolution. Overtime, the soul learns to master its focus to create exactly what it desires. A highly evolved soul is one which can co-create complex creations. In celestial dimensions, soul evolution involves creating by manipulating several dimensions of energies through mastering consciousness at multiple levels, at the same moment.


           However, right now, on Earth, we are mainly concerned with the first aspect of mastering consciousness, viz. the ability to focus only on the positive or on no active thought - i.e. the ability to control random thoughts such as to focus on good feelings or remain thoughtless.

           When we are thoughtless, we are focused on a mechanical activity like the sound of our breath, the vision of a bulb glowing, watching or hearing the tap running etc. The state of thoughtlessness is distinct from the state of thinking actively as there is no feeling attached to the state of being thoughtless. We are in a neutral, detached zone where we are neither negative nor positive.


           By only focusing on the positive or on the neutral, we can control the instructional data going to the subconscious mind; and thus prevent ourselves from energizing and fueling the negative.


           While trying to discipline our minds, we need to remain aware of the fact that the process of mastering the law of creation is not an overnight process. It is a step-by-step process of overcoming the pull of negative energy. It may take several years or life-times before the soul can master its consciousness to the extent that it can focus on creating just what it desires by manipulating its expectations.


In fact, in the initial stages of soul evolution, it may be several life-times before a soul even understands the link between thought, feeling, energy transmission and creation and starts feeling the need of trying to be non negative.


           Awareness helps in speeding up the process of soul evolution, necessary for attainment of happiness.




Friday, 27 May 2022



If you would like to heal your soul very quickly, this is going to be the most enlightening blog that you will ever read !

Here is why : My name is Swati Shiv. Several years ago, in 2005, I was broken. I had got divorced recently from a confidence shattering , violent, abusive marriage. I suddenly lost a house which I had built with love,  and I couldn’t even pay rent for an independent  house on my own. Actually , I wasn’t just broke. I was shattered.

Then, one day, I decided to attend a workshop of hypnotherapy . It was about how to connect to the soul that would get me the answers I was seeking from God. I was living with my parents at that time and the first workshop was funded by my mother. It touched me. I attended a second workshop by pawning my gold.

The workshop helped me connect to my past life and feel my soul. My parents did not expect such a reaction and laughed at the idea. My friends thought I was crazy. They said that ‘ think about the present life , why are you going into the past ?” In fact, a friend told me that I am not practical “ why don’t you take a trip ?’

Oh yeah! Well, I didn’t care for drugs to trip on .  I had a child who had autism and another child who was a little girl. I needed to be there for them with sanity. I did not care for people’s opinions. They did not live my life.

I felt deeply connected to my soul and my spirit guides . Soul Healing was awesome. The answers I got from past lives explained all my problems. I continued attending workshops and started healing people. And guess what ? People did start healing and I used the money I earned to attend more workshops and heal more people. But there were queries about the soul, life force , karma ,death … I got answers from spirit guides while healing people as they received answers and I used the money I earned to attend even more workshops so that the answers got clarified with experienced teachers.

And so on…

What’s the bottom line …

I overcame the trauma and survived with positivity uplifting !


More than 11111 lives touched!

Think about it!

Soul awareness has spread multifold in the mass consciousness in the last decade. People are understanding the virtues of positive thinking and existence of the law of attraction.

And what did I Do ? I wrote books and free blogs, started writing on social media and and followers and frients and clients. I also did intensive meditation in all my free time to find a "Deeply Impacting Soul Healing Therapy (

which affected vibrations of consciousness positively. Whether I received direct acknowledgment , likes or reactions or not, the words went deep . Meditation spread vibrations. I was  a drop in an ocean. The ocean moved as I moved with the belief that I was  a part of the whole and the whole will move up with my upliftment .Consciousness was uplifted ,traditionally uprooted and positively tilted. Several people started opening to show their deepest scars and heal them. Incest Law was modified to punish the abusers severely. Divorce was no longer considered  a matter of shame but helped several get liberated from karmic chains that had rusted more than paid back. The “ Me Too!” movement started. People were much less ashamed of their past or their victimhood status.

Have you been a victim of abuse ? If so, you can contact me for deeply impacting soul healing therapy to gain from my experience and wisdom downloaded with years of meditation. I have exceptional practice in thoughtlessness and going deep in meditation as I have a son with autism . My son could not write , read or speak and I had to be thoughtless to be able to read his mind and hear his thoughts. He trained me to be a psychic mind reader  as if a ‘guru’ was born as my son to train me. I could not heal autism, but I could help heal more than 1100 people with normal mental health to get the answers they needed to heal their life.


Who Needs Soul Healing ?

Are you a victim of intense abuse ?

Are you seeking clarity between staying married or divorcing ?

Do you have an inner soul calling to find your life purpose ?

Are you a person who seeks answers from karma to find the root cause ?

Are you a spiritually oriented person who likes to be secular ?

Are you a medical doctor or a computer engineer seeking deeper solutions ?

You see, I had tried conventional psychological counselling, but it could only give me solace but not answers. And , besides that  had no time to go again and again for psychological counselling sessions.

So, I kept searching and searching until I started receiving answers through meditation for me and my clients. The answers were accurate and validated the strangest feelings they had repressed for years. Soul healing was deeply impactful . Negative clusters were broken from within, and positivity rose up freely to touch their lives with inner happiness.


From Victimhood to Inner Strength

By the way, gaining inner strength does not mean that all your problems go away. It means that you become an ace player in the game of destiny but the game moves on. Knowing about your past lives is not the only benefit which you get from Deeply Impacting Soul Healing Sessions. Your past life secrets are just one aspect of your healing. Here is a sample of what you will experience when you experience Deeply Impacting Soul Healing Therapy:

1.      Inner Calmness


5.      Your Unique Life Purpose Clarity


10.   Better Income

14.   Easier Detachment from Negativity

15.   Ability To Drive Better Through Difficulties

16.   Karmic Understanding



19.   Easier Coping with Diseases

20.   Better Results from Allopathic or Other Treatments


22.   Making Choices to Be Happy with Clarity


There’s more. A lot more. Including how (if you’re not married ), to use deeply impacting soul healing therapy to choose a partner with whom you will be happier, how to get success at work with a job you love doing, how to avoid conflicts with family members who maybe jealous of your success, and so on….

Ok, That’s it for now ! You have been reading a lot already, but I hope I have given you a seed of thought to think about how deeply impacting soul healing therapy can help with your specific issues.


Do visit my website to download a free pdf of my book “ CREATION OF HAPPINESS: THE ENERGY WAR: a soul’s perspective “ and start the journey of getting into contact with your own soul to awaken your repressed positive power !

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 Healing For Happiness - Deep Soul Healing Therapy















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