Tuesday, 25 April 2023

Emotional Management Helps in Overcoming Negativity In Life

 Emotional Management person learn how to remain positive when negative energy attacks in the form of difficulties just as a course in car driving would help a driver balance through obstacles.

If the person does not understand how to manage emotions such as to convert negative energy into positive by choice, his soul gets stuck in the obstructions which come in the path of attaining success and happiness.

A person who is struck by the negative, starts radiating bad/depressed/unhappy vibrations as negative thinking takes over the positive life force of the person. Sadness and anger spread like a viral infection. Thought waves travel in the same way as sound waves or light waves do. The energy contained in a thought spreads from one being to another like breath spreads. 

Thus, the energy of difficulty or happiness expands though the energy spreading is experienced differently by different souls depending on individual receiving frequencies. 

Negative energy spreads and multiplies in all those host bodies who subconsciously indulge in sadness and anger by a choice to stay negative, because they have no awareness of the soul’s science of co-creation. 

This blog is an excerpt from the book - Emotional Energy Management


Saturday, 4 February 2023

Happiness Always Feels Like Success -Success Does Not Always Lead to Happiness

We are advised to study as children and find 
employment as adults to be successful 
because it is assumed that success leads to 
happiness. However though people have 
displayed becoming more successful and 
rich in the Modern Age, happiness has not 
been rising .

The mindless pursuit of success and work-
ethics of choosing money over peace of 
mind, has increased anxieties, depressions, 
sadness and diseases in the Modern Age. 
The critical feeling of happiness , which 
success promised to satisfy, has been side-
lined in the blind pursuit of success and 
career over health, love and harmony . 
Though comforts, luxuries, amenities, and modern entertainment avenues have grown, happiness is still a lavking element in youth.

Past ife therapy helps you realize why happiness is missing in life amd how to achieve it by showing you aspects of creation of  reality which are not addressed in modern science based  education.
Like philosophy failed to address matters in the eighteenth century, science has started failing now and there is need for higher evolution into spiritual and metaphysical dimensions of existence for attaining routine , commonly defined happiness .


Sunday, 11 December 2022

A Critical Reason For Negative Thinking

 The following is an excerpt from my book - A Course In Emotional Management, Preface.


The main/ critical reason for predominance of negative thinking or negative emotions is the pursuit of success over happiness which works on the false presumption that monetary success would automatically lead to happiness that  is scientifically impossible as energies multiply by subconscious focus and not by traditionally imposed preaching .

Essentially, pursuit of external goals of success while neglecting inner needs of satisfaction, is  the continuation of the primitive man’s ape-like thinking. Pure monetary success was the goal of the newly evolving primitive/ ape man but  just having surplus security of wealth does not satisfy an advanced human soul if the money earned/inherited is devoid of emotional energies that constitute love & contentment.

The human soul is an advancement of the animal soul and hence has needs for more energies than would satisfy animals. A human being not only requires food, sex & shelter but also desires fulfillment in love, respect for  effort, good health and peacefulness in mind to be happy.


If we continue being money-minded and mechanical in thinking, problems would rise rapidly on the planet as has been happening in the past decade .  Human evolution over centuries has displayed increasing dissatisfaction and it has become evident that the creation of more money, power, fame, cars, mobiles, big houses, fancy clothes, jewelry, alcohol, helicopters, spaceships or weapons has not helped people in feeling calm in everyday life or acquiring the self -empowerment skills which lead to mastering of love, contentment, routine good health or happiness.

While weapons of technology have been invested on, peacefulness has been neglected as a side-lined priority . As a result, wars and terrorism have been increasing while peace & harmony have been declining leading to growth of discontentment, violence & depression in human society in spite of  huge scientific advancement.

To find love, contentment & happiness, investment of human life force energy needs to be on pursuit of emotional management along with scientific advancement. Though we have been neglecting the need to learn how to be positive emotionally, the NEW AGE calls for an urgent shift in priorities so that peacefulness grows more than conflict in individual human life and in the world to facilitate ascension of human beings along with rising positive frequencies on the planet .

It is necessary to spend time, money & effort on acquiring emotionally gratifying energies along with pursuing objects of body comfort or image gratification. The mechanical or male aspect of the brain has to be balanced with the emotional or feminine aspect of the brain.

Sunday, 4 December 2022

Soul Who Dies Happier Than Born Achieves Soul Ascension


Soul Ascension is required to pass onto higher and happier Realms in the next life or to get salvation. Soul ascension is acquired when you die at a more positive frequency than you were born i.e when. There is more contentment in your heart during your dying years than in your childhood.


The following is an excerpt from my book - A Course In Emotional Management

 (25 practical exercises for aligning body- mind - soul)

Every person on Earth encounters negative frequencies which have to be overcome while the soul endeavors to master the art of creation on Earth, as a co-creator or part of the Creator. 

Difficulties come in the path of achieving emotional desires and are planned by the soul itself for learning soul lessons of evolution, before incarnating in a life-plan.

 To understand the art of creation on Earth, the soul makes a detailed life-plan with a syllabus made in the energy realms before incarnating, wherein it entails soul tests which include its life purpose, priorities, skills, desires and difficulties. The life plan is like a map which guides to a destination of higher positive frequency than the soul had at the point of birth. From the general soul’s perspective, the life plan is achieved if the soul dies happier than it was born.

To be happy and healthy, the soul has to learn to be more positive and content in its vibrational frequency through ups and downs of life .


A Course in Emotional Management


Monday, 28 November 2022

Spirit Lives on With The Same Worries Till Healed and Released

 The spirit cannot die. It can only choose to leave the body in order to get rid of adverse circumstances on Earth. If your loved one has died, a part of his energy is likely to remain with you till you release it.

Spirits who die fighting in war or at home etc continue fighting after rebirth till healed,calmed and released by the spirit releasement, Theta healing and past life therapies.

The spirit cannot leave if you keep thinking of it. Hence, it is better to let the memories of the form go than hope for that person to remain in that particular body form, as the spirit does not have that body anymore. If you keep calling the spirit, it enters your body because a spirit without a body becomes like a homeless man and needs your support constantly to live on; but it does not feel happy staying on with your support as its own soul has no purpose left to live on. It only stays to take care of you as it feels being constantly called. Parts of the spirit which remain attached to you remain negative.

The spirit continues future lifetimes in the same worries till healed and released. It affects the bodies it is attached to and its future births with making them excessively focused on negative aspects of life,anxieties and depressions.

The following is an excerpt from my book - Redefining Happiness- chapter on spirit release therapy.


If you feel overtly negative or depressed or have excess weight, you may be holding spirits in your body of dead or alive people you were once attached to. Spirit release helps in moving to a more positive state of mind.

Death needs to be taken as the soul shifting from one place to another. If death happens early in life, it may mean quitting a class half way. Hence, if we have the energy left to live, it us better to complete soil lessons in the present life , learn forgiveness and peacefulness and feel content than carry  over lessons to the nect life.

Saturday, 12 November 2022

The Higher Self


 The soul has a far greater essence than being just a body. It is a part of a higher awareness, which is called the Higher Self of the soul in a body. 

 Just as the bulb derives its power to radiate from the main electricity line, the soul derives its power from this greater source of life-fore energy, viz. the Higher Self, wherein the Higher Self derives its power from the main source of Life, viz. the Creator.

 The incarnated soul on Earth is a minute fragment of its Higher Self. Metaphorically, if the single soul in a body is like a small torch battery, the Higher Self is like an electric generator of a building. Or if the single soul is like a single ray of sunlight, the Higher Self is like the Sun. It is the same quality of energy as the soul but is much bigger in terms of power or energy involved and therefore, much more powerful than the single soul.

 The Higher Self exists in non-physical dimensions of the Light in spirit form. It has a much greater frequency 

than that of the soul in a physical body and therefore, it generates much more power than the soul of a physical 

body. The single soul is connected to this Higher Self and gets its sense of identity from the larger whole. 

The soul energy is by itself formless. It incarnates in a physical body which has a form. Being in a physical body is like giving an expression to a painting which the Higher Self’s consciousness creates in alignment with its purpose of incarnation. 

The soul takes birth in the human body to learn the art of mastering the process of creation on the physical dimension. By virtue of being the part of the Creator, the Soul is the Co-creator of the Universe.

This blog is an extract from the book - The Life Plan vs.The Astrological Report by

 Shiva Swati



Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Positivity & Salvation Come From Pursuing Contentment Not Ignoring Soul Needs

 To ensure expansion of positivity over destructive tendencies in self, it is necessary to ensure that the soul remains optimistic about attaining its desires in the future, as a soul who becomes too negative while overcoming problems loses interest in learning the art of creation of happiness and seeks to leave Earth by developing diseases in the body which lead to death. The soul who has no desire would not co-create anything positive. 

Hence, giving up desires of happiness or peacefulness does not get you salvation or nirvana or emotional management. 

For example, human civilization developed from a desire to build houses. If man had given up the struggle of converting nonsensical barren land to sensible existentialism, we would still be animals living without houses in jungles. 

Therefore, difficulties have to be overcome such that desires continue to motivate the person to create a better life, which is possible only when positive emotions dominate over negative emotions through learning how to apply emotional management in everyday life. 

Our soul is like a driver while the body is like a car. A soul who can maintain a healthy body and an optimistic mind through rough patches of life increases its power as a co-creator and helps God just as a driver becomes better in his skills after crossing over speed obstacles; while a soul who feels helpless through life and keeps compromising reduces its vibrational frequency, develops diseases in the body, restlessness in mind and practically, lowers the potential power of the Creator. 

Happiness is an energy of a positive frequency and has to be attained by defeating the thinking of dominating negative frequencies which exist around the soul by either converting the situation to feel positive as desired or moving away from the negative person and situation by understanding detachment. 

Usually, people fail to learn the necessary emotional skills and hence, are unable to achieve happiness as desired. 

Just earning money, success or fame are not enough to find happiness, good health or inner satisfaction.

This blog is an excerpt from the book - A Course In Emotional Management.


Emotional Management Helps in Overcoming Negativity In Life

 Emotional Management person learn how to remain positive when negative energy attacks in the form of difficulties just as a course in car d...