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This blog is an excerpt from my book - CREATION OF HAPPINESS: THE ENERGY WAR , A SOUL'S PERSPECTIVE 

 Epidemics or mass illnesses, result from a negative energy cluster in mass consciousness focused on the feeling that everything is lost. Feelings like ‘we are too tired to fight anymore’, ‘one cannot trust anybody’, ‘there is no hope of joy in life’, ‘and death is the only escape now’ are common particularly amongst the poor masses. 

By unconsciously thinking they cannot fight anymore, people pass these suggestions to the subconscious mind, which affect their immune system negatively. Overtime, with continuous focus, it is proven to them that they cannot fight anymore; when external physical circumstances manifest such that they cannot literally fight newly created diseases. 

During epidemics, there is a fast spread of infectious diseases leading to death of several people. With a sustained focus on feeling helpless, the people’s immunity fails them on the physical plane and they die in despair. The medical cures fail because the trapped souls believe that nothing can save them from their problems. They want to give up and die than live in misery not knowing that when they die in misery, as souls, they may reach dimensions like hell, where they get even more trapped. 

People who choose to give up, subconsciously and die, are not aware that death would not release them from their traumas since the problems exist at an energy/ soul level; and the soul would not die with death. The problems release only when they learn how to be happy through difficulties through training from schools, hospitals and institutions of mass consciousness.

Wednesday, 25 November 2020

Repeated Feelings Get Manifested In Real Life Whether Positive Or Negative


Whichever feeling we focus upon, mentally gets recreated in our lives through a physical channel, over a period of time.

Hence, we need to make a choice of what we focus on. When we focus on experiences which generate positive feelings,we help to mobilize energies of happiness in our future; and when we focus on negative feelings, we create more unhappiness in our lives in the future.


However, if we perceive reality as negative, it is difficult to focus on positive feelings. When we have a previously established negative dominant focus,we automatically get pulled into focusing on the negative aspects of reality.

Our existing energy circuits pull us into feeling negative, and force us to accept energies which reinforce feeling negative. This causes us to get into the clutches of the vicious circle of negativity.


If our reality is negative in the present, it is because we have been focusing on the negative in the past. If we continue to focus on what we don’t have, we would be led to feeling even more deprived, as time passes by.


Our efforts externally may lead us to feeling successful in work, but that would not help us in feeling loved or content or happy. Just material success would not help in soul evolution, as the difference between animal consciousness and human consciousness is that human beings need more than food, sex and shelter to be happy.


Emotional success which leads to soul evolutionraises our internal energy frequency to more positive. Feeling positive from within entails sexual satisfaction with feeling loved, being fulfilled internally by the work we do, externally by expressing unique talents of the soul, eating food which makes us feel more healthy than sick, finding entertainment which soothes the mind rather than make us focus more on our problems and being able to get out of negative cycles, by recognizing that the mind has to rule over matter, instead of being like animals.


Yet, our perception of reality may not change overnight as it is dependent on several factors  such as past experiences,  beliefs, attitudes, environment, financial situation, one’s existing relationships in life etc.

However, due to the law of creation, to create a positive reality for ourselves in the future, it is not necessary that we perceive our reality as positive in the present. Imagination is as effective a tool for focusing energies for the purposes of creation.


Positive feelings experienced during imagination are as instrumental for mobilizing energies, as positive feelings experienced during a real experience are. This happens because the soul perceives the external world only through feeling it.As long as an experience feels real in imagination, the soul takes it to be reality, and mobilizes energy to recreate it.


However, there are some basic rules to visualization which we follow intrinsically, when we worry about our future. The same rules need to be followed when we want to use our mind to create a happy future, through imagining that it exists in the present.


An imagination mobilizes energies to create reality only when it is as accompanied by acute sensory experiences, i.e. when all the sense organs are as much involved in the imagined experience as they are in the real experience.

 The picture imagined creates real feelings which mobilize energy when it is bright and clear, feels as if it is moving, creates the same sensations in the body as if it were happening now and when we feel we are as much in it as we would be in the real experience. Such an imagination is also referred to as positive visualization, since it is a deliberate attempt to create a positive reality. .


But since, imagination, in layman terms, is often wrongly defined as an unreal experience, a fantasy or a play activity for the mind, it is not used deliberately by most human beings to change their reality.


If we do not use our mind to focus on positive feelings in imagination as a deliberate mind control exercise, the mind automatically drifts to imagining negative experiences or worrying about negative possibilities in the future.

An imagination which is not created deliberately to create the positive is automatically negatively created, as in feelings entailing dissatisfaction, exhaustion, boredom, emptiness or loneliness.


The reality which gets created in our future is a result of our focus than the events happening in the external world. The physical events happening externally do not create reality. How we focus on the external events in our mind, and whether we can stay positive or negative through the changes in the external world, determines whether we would feel good or bad, in our future.

This blog is an excerpt from the book -CREATION OF HAPPINESS: THE ENERGY WAR, a soul's perspective - chapter 13 ( Positive Vs. Negative Visualization )

Monday, 19 October 2020

Connect To God Through Feeling A Telapathic Connection Than A Ritualistic Connection


When we pray to God, we need to realize that we are making a telepathic connection , a connection which cannot be accessed through human sense organs. The process of calling up God requires that we raise our soul frequency to a certain degree so that the frequency waves of God’s energies can hear or sense us.

God is a superior life force. The life force frequency of God’s energy is far above ours. We cannot be as high a frequency as our Higher Self or as God in a human body, because the human body is dense. But, we can rise our soul frequency to match the thinking of God through developing faith and applying it in our life, with sincerity.

During the course of soul evolution, the free spirit gets attached to the identity of the body, and becomes the soul of the body. Our free spirit self is of a higher positive frequency than a soul in a human body. The spirit enters the physical body as being in the physical dimension helps the soul evolve. The whole process of creation is about learning how to channelize physical energies in alignment with the will of the Creator.

The soul seeks to convert the energy radiating from negative experiences in the physical dimension, into the positive frequency of happiness of the spirit dimension.

Our  soul participates in the process of creation through using the human body as a transmission channel, between the physical and non-physical composites of energy.

The soul evolves by learning how to control the physical matter in alignment with its thoughts.

However, our spirit has to lower its frequency to enter a physical human body and stay held in it. Hence, sometimes, the free spirit feels like it has been trapped in four walls within the body. Inside the human body, the spirit cannot directly connect to The Creator as it can in a free spirit form. Hence, it feels non-aligned with the Creator and alone in its pursuit of happiness.

But, if we allow ourselves to become negative, we lose touch with the positive frequency of God. Energies of unlike frequencies cannot connect with each other. Just as water and stone cannot become one, a negative soul and God’s positive energy cannot connect at one wavelength.

There are so many differences in thinking between the negative soul and God’s soul energy, that the negative soul cannot receive the help of God, however much he prays, until he changes his core thinking to some positive degree. There has to be an opening in the soul energy for positive energy from God to flow in.

To create the opening for God’s energy, the soul has to change its internal energy frequency to positive, by redefining happiness through investing energy on learning to evolve its consciousness. The energy frequency of the soul can change only when his or her negative thinking converts into positive by him choosing to use all means to keep alive his/her faith in happiness.

We connect to an energy of a different frequency through our prayers or meditation to get guidance and help during a difficult phase of life. Using abstract imagination helps to connect with God more easily than using a physical medium like lamps or incense. Though using any aid helps in establishing the connection but people get so absorbed in the details of the rituals that they forget that the core idea is to feel the energy of God in everyday life. God is at a much higher energy frequency than the human body and cannot perceive the details directly. God only perceives the details as much as we do ourselves but God is not concerned with the small details which are almost invisible from the bird’s view. Rituals done properly help some of us feel more connected but not all of us need rituals, structure or form, to find evidence of existence of a higher, divine force in our being. Advanced souls connect more easily without using rituals invented by human forms. Just as pen and pencil become redundant after invention of computers, rituals become redundant after using the abstraction principle of meditation to connect to God.

The idea of praying is to use a tangible medium of imagination so that we feel connected to God and hence supported. However, God is an energy of non-physical dimension and hence, can be accessed more easily if we abstract ourselves from our body; and feel ourselves as formless soul energies merging with the energy frequency of God.


What is Abstraction ?

Abstraction is the process by which we can dissolve our body in imagination, and feel ourselves, as formless, unbound, free spirits. Abstraction is the same process of abstract thinking by which language development took place in human beings. It is the ability to think beyond form. Abstract thinking is part of a human evolution above being animalistic.

While animals cannot use abstract thinking to convert objects into symbols or memories, human beings can recall objects and events by using abstraction. Hence, they can hold pictures in mind and associate those pictures with words. For example, when we say APPLE, we have a picture or a feel of apple in our mind. Being able to say APPLE and associate the word meaningfully with the object it symbolizes, is the use of abstract thinking. Similarly, when we say GOD, an image or a feeling needs to come in our mind even when we have no tangible/sensory evidence that God exists.


How does Abstraction help in being happy?

Due to the coming of the New Age, human thinking is supposed to develop to a higher level of Abstraction, where we can convert inner feelings into forms. To move up to a higher grade of soul evolution and a higher degree of happiness, we need to learn how to use abstract imagination to hold feelings in form, as much as we use symbolization to convert objects into forms.

Happiness is an energy of a positive dimension. Being happy is an energy experience which is essentially achieved by leaving a dimension of staying negative and rising to a higher dimension of positive energy by using abstraction or mental imagination as a tool of focus. For example, we can create the feeling of being loved without an  actual person being around just as we believe God exists without God being around. Similarly, we can create the feeling of being Secure without owning a real house; we can create the feel of travel by astrally travelling all over the world;  we can create the feeling of excitement by imagining dancing/singing in the skies than in real situations. The more we use imagination, the less we depend on the body for satiation. We feel unbound by limitations and free as souls to achieve anything we desire through using imagination as a means of satiation. This vibration of positivity improves our health and happiness on an everyday basis, the more we evolve, as souls moving to dimensions higher than Earth. We connect to God by feeling life in non-physical dimensions, in no time and no space zones, by limitless expansion of abstract imagination.

Just as abstract nouns like joy, peace, honesty are complex nouns because they cannot be touched like common nouns ; abstract imagination is a complex vibration of experience where the mind can create anything without needing an actual touch. Animals or low frequency souls cannot understand the value of peace, joy, love or good health as they crave for evidence for satiation. They pursue physical needs like food, alcohol or discotheques to feel pleasure but at never satiated because soul satisfaction requires use of abstraction, away from form.

.The use of abstract nouns in English adds value to the language. Similarly, abstract use of imagination gives spiritual substance to  learning, as these create pure soul satisfying experiences, which become available only in advanced human forms.

Initially, abstract imagination needs to be used to think of feelings which create happiness. With continuous focus on these feelings, the happiness converts into form. Energies in the physical world manifest into form through repeated focus. When we can believe that pursuing happiness works, we work on making choices which create happiness.

Simultaneously, as we become happier, we also start thinking in alignment with the energy of being in abundance, which God exists in. Rising to a higher level of happiness automatically, takes us closer to the positive frequency of thinking and creating as an advanced soul.

The more we become advanced as souls, the higher our levels of happiness rises as we move up to higher dimensions of exuberance. We rise above being ritualistic in the material world to being energetically aligned with the positive thinking that God stands for.

Hence, to be happy, instead of just focusing on taking action in the material world, staying stressed and then praying for peace; we need to focus on integrating our energies with the positive thinking of God.

Prayers are metaphoric ways to reach God. Instead of just saying words of prayer, chanting or reading religious text, we need to focus on the energies they create within us. The symbols and words have vibrations attached, abstracting which can make us feel aligned with God’s frequencies.

While praying, we need to use abstract imagination and imbibe energy from the words written or heard, so that they create positive vibes in our body. We also need to feel the light of God spreading in the centre of our being when we light a candle. It is only when we integrate our soul energy with the high positive frequency of the light of The Creator that we can rise above our problems.

We connect to an energy of a different frequency through our prayers or meditation to get guidance and help during a difficult phase of life. We pray in difficult phases of life just as a student calls his teacher when he cannot solve a problem on his own.

However, to allow ourselves to feel positive, we have to stop feeling negative during the moments of prayer. The energies we focus on multiply by laws of Creation on Earth. If we pray in fear or in a negative mode, we would only increase the negativity in our lives as energies multiply with focus. Even if we can create some miracles by focusing upon them, new problems would dilute their effect, till our overall energy frequency can be positive.

We have to feel good while praying to create the energy focus necessary to attract the support we need to attain our life purpose. Therefore, we have to believe in abstract thinking that we are loved and supported by God, even though we cannot touch or see God; to be able to receive that support.


Defreeze And Connect To God

Negative feelings make us hard as stone or ice. If we feel frozen like ice, due to accumulated negativity we need to melt our energies, so that God’s ever flowing, energy shower of blessings, can merge in our frequency. The negativity makes us rigid in energy of thoughts which freezes our ability to receive positive life force or love from God. We get caught in a vicious circle of negativity by losing faith in a happy life but we are not aware that the fault of creating an unhappy life is our own negative energy focus, not God’s. We create with our own power of spirit on Earth as co-creators or parts of God.

The Creator wants the spirit in us to learn how to create happiness, and tries to help us in learning the art of creation, by supplying positive life force whenever we ask. If we claim to love God, staying negative makes us be disloyal to God as it makes us focus on negatve energy more than positive energy.

God is positive energy and staying loyal to God means being happy through difficult circumstances so that positive energy rules over negative energy .  By worrying, crying, cursing or blaming, we move away from receiving help by higher force, by doubting its existence. Doubt is an energy of negative frequency which blocks inflow of energy of positive frequency. Negativity implicitly makes us disrespect God’s work as we feel that the world which was created by God’s energy moulding into physical form, is a bad place to be in.

The demon wants all to believe that god is a failure and unhappiness is the norm of being, that the world should be destroyed and nothingness , fire and hell should rule all over; thus, increasing suffering for souls .Choosing to suffer, feel sacrificed or hopeless makes us work against God and more in favor of the demon as it multiplies energies of negativity, emptiness and vacuum in our own life and in the lives of all those we affect with our sorrows. By staying unhappy, we spread energies of the devil with unconscious awareness, like being used as remote controlled dolls. Negativity makes us rigid in attitude and we cannot receive help as we become inflexible in attitudes.

If we remain inflexible like stone and God keeps pouring water like energy on us, we would not be able to absorb it. We would feel thirsty as in a desert seeking water but reflecting it back because of our own dryness. Till we remain sad and pray, our prayers go waste in helping us be closer to God or receive blessings.

As energies, we open our doors to receive energy from God by vibrating in a similar positive, powerful frequency as God does. We make efforts to receive positive energy by aligning with God’s thinking, along with praying.

For steps of abstraction :

This blog is an excerpt from my book REDEFINING HAPPINESS ( How to handle negative feelings), a soul's perspective - chapter 9

Monday, 5 October 2020


Dream interpretation is a good way to start understanding how the subconscious mind works. Our subconscious mind cannot hear, read or write, touch or smell. It only understands feelings. Feelings are deciphered in the form of electric impulses generated during any act. When we indulge in any activity or think about indulging in it, we feel something about it. The feelings pass down to our subconscious mind as electric impulses. These electric impulses create energies, which multiply with focus.


Understanding Feelings under Forms

Our subconscious mind is like a computer which only reads the energies underlying all human activities. It converts all activities into metaphoric symbols and then processes information.

To handle negative feelings, we have to understand what a feeling is, as distinct from reality.

  The feeling is the energy behind the reality. It accompanies every real situation, person or thing that we pay attention to. In fact, reality matters to us only because of the feelings it conveys to our subconscious mind.

For example, a person matters to us because we feel good around that person, a dress draws our attention because it feels attractive, a car matters to us because it offers comfort at the level of feeling, a television programme matters to us because it gives us an opportunity to feel relaxed, a house matters because it offers feelings of security or pride etc.

So, it is only feelings which matter to us, from the soul’s perspective. The external events which create these feelings are important only as long as they help in creating the desired feelings.

Negative feelings arise when the objects of desire we seek, the people we love or the jobs we put effort in, do not satisfy us at the feeling level. Though the mirage appears like an oasis, our thirst does not get fulfilled from a pursuit of material glitter, with no understanding of what the soul desires from possessing that experience.

To be happy in life, it is necessary to connect feelings with objects, people or jobs. The external objects of desire need to be pursued only if they can make us happy from within; and not if they glitter only from the outside. When we pursue work without feeling involved in it, then we take in feelings of emptiness to the soul. The stress we go through in our body or mind while pursuing glittering desires which make us feel hollow from within releases negative hormones in the body.

If we choose desires for satisfying short term body pleasures, than for gaining positive energy from them, then we may harm our souls by indulging in them. For example, eating junk food, buying expensive clothes or playing meaningless video games may give our mind some colourful satisfaction for a short time but cannot satisfy the creative zeal our soul desires to feel alive. These activities when pursued consume our energy and we then, do not have energies or time left to indulge in more creative, fulfilling work.

 Negative energy pre-dominates our minds if the feelings we desire do not get realized by our investment of energy. Hence, our inner restlessness rises as we do not get the outcome from our efforts, which makes us feel optimally satisfied at the soul level.

Any desire is justified only if the feelings attained by realizing it create more happiness than tension in our life.  To understand how we can decipher the feelings we get from any experience, we need to know how our subconscious mind chooses feelings.


Dreams help us realize how we feel through different experiences of life, as they simplify the dynamics involved. When we have negative emotions coming up in dreams, it implies that our soul is perceiving life as negative, even though we may be externally ignoring any dissatisfaction.

To find happiness, we have to cleanse negative energy from our subconscious mind. Dreams are a mechanism used by our subconscious mind to help us understand how we are harming ourselves by indulging in negative actions i.e. actions which create negative feelings in our body, from the soul’s perspective.

Sometimes, the choices our soul demands from us appear to be irrational from the perspective of conventionally defined norms of happiness or success. However, if we feel negative within, negative energy accumulates in our subconscious mind and body, which blocks our soul’s true happiness.

Cleansing our body from negative energy is like washing dirt from clothes. Our body and mind can function, optimally, when we are free from the dominance of negative energy. Negative thinking creates doubts which blocks the flow of positive life force, and lowers our soul frequency. Our soul devolves in power by remaining unhappy.

We can feel positive at the subconscious level, when our soul is satisfied with our choices of life. That happens only when we realize the desired feelings from the activities we pursue. By evolving above a subdued negative focus, we can move towards creating happiness.

Happiness does not become our dominant mental state till we have negative belief systems nagging us, at the subconscious level. The dream mechanism helps us understand our inner conflicts as they come up during dreams.

Our inner conflicts, hidden fears and feelings are symbolized in dreams. Dream Symbols are individually deciphered as each person may associate a different feeling with each external object or activity. For example, seeing a train in a dream may symbolize movement in life, seeing a murder in dream may symbolize an emotional death/trauma, seeing a dog in a dream may symbolize loyalty etc.

Restless dreams indicate a need for healing negative feelings by converting our body’s energy into positive.

For example, if we have a dream that we are standing on top of a building and then sinking in deep waters, it may indicate that the path of success we are following would make us feel deeply unhappy at the soul level. The climbing up on top of the building means climbing up the financial/material ladders of success. The simultaneous sinking in waters reflects an emotional death of the soul or happiness. Sinking represents a death of freedom and the drowning of the spirit of being alive. Such a dream comes as a warning to us that we need to review our choices of life so that we create happiness by moving up a ladder of evolution. The desire to be successful comes from the soul as we want to rise to a higher positive frequency and live in a higher positive dimension, so that our quality of happiness improves.

The conflict in the dream arises because the soul does not associate happiness with concrete objects which rising up the building, represents. The soul does not want to drown in waters by feeling suffocated in a mainstream profession which gets its success but no inner satisfaction.. Our soul seeks freedom of the spirit to be happy. The soul seeks to fly, not drown i.e experience the feelings of moving on, not being trapped. Since our soul can only perceive energies, happiness for the soul means experiencing happy feelings through different life experiences. Life experiences which make the soul feel stressed, tired or bored make the soul sink/ drown in energies of overwhelming unhappiness.

For working on how to be happy as a state of being, we need to know which objects, people or choices mean happiness to us individually, as contrasted with generalized definitions of happiness.

We can feel positive from within when we learn how to make choices from our subconscious or soul perspective, than by getting judged by the external aspects of reality.

 Situations which feel fatalistic or scary from the finite Earthly perspective may appear as obstacles to be overcome from the soul’s perspective.

Communication of our subconscious mind can be deciphered by knowing how we use symbols in our everyday life. Our dreams convey to us, predominant energy focus of life by showing us the associated feelings. Each night when we dream, our subconscious mind converts real life events into energy interpretations and processes them. The irrational fantasy images which we see are methods of communication by the subconscious mind. The words, sounds or pictures are not to be taken literally but only understood by the meaning they convey. Very often, dreams give predictions. For example, if you have a school friend called Faith, and she suddenly appears in a dream twenty years later, and you see yourself going the wrong way because of her; it may mean that a choice you are making by having faith on a person because you know him from school, may take you the wrong way.


Dreams appear as fantasies because life is a fantasy/game for the soul. The unreal energies indicate the meanings we give to real life events. They indicate how reality appears to the soul, which only perceives energies or feelings.


Essentially, dream interpretation requires that we focus on feelings underlying the picture rather the on exact details of the sequence. The feelings need to be understood and life choices need to be deciphered or changed accordingly. The interpretation of dreams needs to be practiced a few times to understand how we specifically, associate feelings or energies with different objects, people or events in our life.

Some more detailed steps of dream interpretation are given in my other book – Soul Lessons : Challenges in Evolution of Happiness , a soul’s perspective )


Types Of Dreams

Dreams can be of several types. There are: processing dreams, predictive dreams , release dreams, spirit communication dreams and past life healing dreams.


Processing Dreams

The subconscious mind processes information absorbed during the day, during the resting hours of the night. All the feelings that you have focused upon and the observations you have made or released are processed in the Processing dreams. These dreams usually occur in the first two hours of the night or in light sleep (These dreams are also called REM sleep processing dreams. ) Just as an office assistant summarizes the daily activities and divides them into files, these dreams encode the person’s feelings through symbols and filming. The negative feelings and positive feelings are plotted on a  chart  and the subconscious operative mechanism allocates future programs on the basis of the present focus of feelings.

For example, if you have feeling poor about your finances during the day, the processing dreams would ensure that you continue feeling poor the next day also. If you earn a huge surplus, you would spend it soon so that you continue feeling poor.

Similarly, if you feel that you have leg pain, the subconscious mind would ensure that you have leg pain the next day also. Future is plotted on the same line as the present dominant feeling. The future changes when your present focus of feelings changes. For example, if you start healing your leg pain through energy therapy, naturopathy or medicines, your subconscious mind would record the change in your dominant expectations and give  signal to the leg joints to heal the pain .

The processing dreams are like the NEWS channel. They only record that which has already happened.

Predictive Dreams

Midnight/ deep sleep dreams also predict the future depending on how we feel in the present.  Some feelings are taken is as dominant and used for  giving warning signs about the future  in our subconscious mind maps .For example, if you are planning to shift your house but are unable to , you may see a dream where the new house you want is haunted or lacks the infrastructure you require to stay happy. That is a method of your subconscious mind to show you that your desire is being delayed till you realize its full implication.


Release dreams

Early morning dreams throw out feelings that we have feared in the past. Feelings which we have been trying to erase are rejected or thrown away through dream experiences. After release dreams, we get up with a feeling of relief that our present reality is better than in the dream. Soul healing happens through energy release in sleep mode. We may release very old traumas through dreams.

When we release negative feelings through dreams, we release traumas from our past which affect our present life.

The energy of an old hurt can be released in the present as for the subconscious mind, time does not exist. Past is the same as present, and if we feel sad about an old memory in the present, then for the soul that reality exists today.


The same technique of deciphering energy communication which is used for understanding dreams can be generalized for understanding past lives or childhood traumas during regression therapies.

For the soul, feelings which have not been processed in past lives or childhood affect our present, as negatively as our recently encountered feelings do. They come up during dreams.

Negative feelings may have been encountered in our past life, in our childhood or in our recent life but the negative energy once absorbed by our soul, has to be released or transcended into positive so that we can move on to a higher soul frequency. A negative belief, however old it may be, has to be converted into positive for the soul force to move with complete belief in happiness.

Being detached from happiness is a higher energy vibration than being sad is, as it is a deliberate choice to stay positive . Positive is always greater than minus and we cannot be sad and happy at the same time. Hence, to be happy we have to let go of sadness by choice to become detached from how we define happiness and allow the universe to work in alignment with our soul’s life-plan..




The general method of interpreting dreams is to follow the following steps:

Stage of sleep-Timing of the dream – Is the dream early night –processing dream, midnight/Predictive or early morning - Release/Venting out type?

Keywords-Psychological or physiological content— I am seeing/doing/hearing ….. . Describe the dream verbally or write it down with more focus on feelings

Physical characteristics-Your age in the dream, your body type, clothes… what were your feelings at the time?

Emotional frequency of feelings-negative, positive

Symbols-What do the persons, events, objects in the dream mean to you in your life? Is there spirit communication present? Did people who are far away or dead talk to you or convey a symbolic message in the dream?

Trigger in the day/present life-Which experience in your present life could have led you to feeling the way you are in the dream ; or if unfamiliar faces appear, it may be that a past life trauma is being released but even then, some feeling you focused upon in the day would have triggered awake the fear.

Vented out or predicted concerns-I need to let go of these desires/ I need to free myself from this bondage I feel / I need to rethink what I want in my life/ have been feeling negative and I need to reassess my priorities/ I need to free my spirit etc.

Vented out or released concerns-I am relieved that I do not have to relive those feelings anymore /I am free because that person is no longer in my life/ I am glad I did not become the person I saw in the dream / If I take this step, I may feel I am in danger / If I go that way, I may meet with an accident emotionally or physically etc.


Spirit concerns-A spirit guide, a far away friend or child or relative, a dead parent or past life personalities of yours may appear to convey their feelings or concerns. Spirit guides may warn you not to repeat mistakes of past lives which can make you devolve as a soul and make you unhappy in the long run.

Dark force interference - If you are working for the light, against conventional wisdom, you may have negative spirits coming in your dreams to force you to stop your work. If you feel threatened or negative after a dream, release the spirit and develop immunity to its warning. You would have to trust your instinct to know whether a spirit appearing is from the light or from darkness. Positive spirits would give you positive guidance whereas negative spirits would try to scare you away from a path which leads to your happiness.


Dreams simplify complicated events of our life through using symbols. By understanding symbols as they mean to our individual perspective, we can directly access the feelings we experience, subconsciously in everyday life. We may not realize that we feel negative in a life experience but our dreams may denote negativity. If we get conflicting or restless dreams, we need to review our choices or check on our negative thinking habit. Self -healing can be activated by using the techniques given in my book on REDEFINING HAPPINESS.

For the soul, only that reality exists which we feel within, because the soul does not understand the world as we see it. It only understands our feelings and dream symbols convey feelings.

This blog is an excerpt from my book  THE LIFE PLAN OF CREATION VS. AN ASTROLOGY REPORT, a soul perspective , 2015 , chapter 6


Wednesday, 12 August 2020


The soul in each body which gives it life force also co-creates the reality of life by emitting energies in positive or negative directions. The problems which children face can be reduced significantly if they are taught the responsibility to think in a positive direction by making the training syllabus conducive to creation of more positive feelings than negative feelings. While teaching any work, focus needs to be more on the feelings underlying an activity than on the outcome manifested. If stress increases more than optimism, the overall effect of the outcome would be negative in the long run for the child, even if the immediate result is good. 

The work of the teacher is to ensure that the students learn with a positive spirit even if the quantity taught is sacrificed for a higher quality of understanding reached. The three Laws of Vibration operate by default but can be deliberately manipulated to produce desired feelings of happiness with training. While the exercises for smaller children, as of primary school need to be simple and short, children who are older, as of middle school or secondary school can do longer mind vibration exercises for improving concentration, confidence and self-awareness. The following exercises can be taught to students above twelve years of age.

 When you have a desire and you want to manifest it, you would: 

 Step 1: Choose a desire you would be happy in experiencing Without awareness, you would choose a desire which may be borrowed from your teacher or parents or friends but which you may not give you the happiness you are seeking. However, you would strive towards attaining this desire even if it makes you anxious and unhappy in the process of attainment, because you do not realize that the resultant unrest and sadness would be your own responsibility. Later, you would feel disappointed when you do not feel peaceful after attaining the desire, and keep craving for more. But, with awareness of the fact that your happiness in the future is your own co-creation, you would choose desires which make you happy in your visualizations/imaginations before the outcome actually manifests. You would like to be in the experience you desire from the beginning of the process to the end of the process so that your happiness multiplies as you move towards your goal.

 Choose a desire which makes you feel happy/ excited/ peaceful/ optimistic/compassionate etc. from the beginning of the process to the end of the process. Visualize clarity while choosing the desire. Visualize contentment as the outcome of the desire. Also, moving backwards in your mind from the end to beginning again, visualize that you feel positive during the process of learning and there are minimum negative effects. Visualize understanding the process of attaining the desire and visualize completion with satisfaction. The stress on satisfaction would ensure that your desire is that which leads to inner satisfaction and not that which is imposed upon you by peer pressure. Also, if you visualize satisfaction as the outcome of the desire, you may change your desire or the path chosen if the earlier mind-set did not lead to satisfaction. For example, if you desire getting good marks in exams or a medal in sports, visualize contentment while being rewarded. Feel that you are more content than stressed when the results come out and you have peace in your heart that you are on the path of justice. 

 Step 2: Activate the Law of Creation The Law of Creation is automatically activated whenever you think. You activate the Law of Creation whenever you desire an outcome or worry about an outcome not manifesting. If you are more optimistic, your desire would manifest with happiness but if you have more fear, your desire would not manifest or manifest with sadness, as you automatically, create the feelings which you focus upon. With awareness of your responsibility in co-creation, you can choose to focus more on feeling positive and optimistic than anxious, so that you create happiness when your desire manifests. When you focus on the feelings desired before taking action, you may change the desires you seek to manifest if you realize that they would not get you the satisfaction you thought of. To use the Law of Creation with awareness, you need to create the feelings of peace and contentment which you desire before the vibration actually manifests in reality. Prior to taking action, create the vision of the feelings you desire to experience. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you like, without feeling negative after the outcome is manifested. Feel that the desire is happening in the Now and activate all your sense organs- See the picture as if it is happening now, hear the sounds, feel the emotions, and make the scenario as real as if it were happening now. After focusing on these feelings, make the picture as large as possible. Stay in this positive vibrational frequency and let go of the vision. Detach. Release the vision as a kite going away in the sky. Allow the vision to disappear. Ensure that you do not become negative after the imagination is over. Stay in a neutral or detached or optimistic vibration. Do not worry about its manifestation or the problems which you will encounter on the path. Only focus on the energy destination or the feelings which you seek to experience. 

 Step 3: Activate Law of Repetition Without awareness, the Law of Repetition is automatically manifested when you worry about a desire not happening again and again. Whenever you worry repeatedly, you activate the Law of Repetition towards manifestation of a negative outcome of happiness. Even if you do manifest a desire after worrying, the outcome carries energies of the accompanied worry; the euphoria soon evaporates and the worry overtakes again. You cannot manifest happiness and stay in a peaceful vibration till you use the Law of Repetition with awareness to create small feelings of happiness and peacefulness in your imagination in your daily routine. To activate Law Of repetition to be happier in the future - Focus on a positive feeling every day for a few seconds, before sleeping at night, as soon as you get up and sometimes in the day. After focusing on the vision, only repeat the positive thoughts associated with the picture and neglect the negative thoughts which come up as doubts. Doubts are like bad virus, which spread and obstruct growth. Dwelling on the negative is addictive but unnecessary. Overtime, as you keep ignoring the doubts, the negative energy will lose its grip. As the negative thinking reduces, difficulties will appear less strong and positive thinking will start ruling over negative thinking. Keep activating the Law of Repetition to merge into the positive energy which you like to focus upon. Step 4: Activate The Law Of Attraction: The Law of Attraction is activated by default without awareness as you radiate and receive energies automatically, as souls. Without awareness, you attract the energies which you focus upon predominantly. To use the Law of attraction to create happiness, with awareness, choose to feel more content while taking action than worried/stressed. When you desire something, you take action to make the desire come true. However, without awareness, you may become more negative than positive while pursuing the desire, With awareness of the process of creation, the external reality remains the same but your inner feelings change by deliberate attempt to be happier than sad. With the knowing that you attract the energies which you focus upon, you would take all action which is possible for you to make this desire come true in your life; but without feeling more negative than positive. You would choose to attract more positive energies in your life than negative energies by focusing more on actions which make you feel satisfied from within over feeling compromised; even if progress is slower. Happiness is a longer route than success but gives far more satisfaction. Patience, detachment and disciplined positive thinking are the key to manifesting happiness in your life as contrasted with just hard work, worries, tension and compromise which are pursued for getting instant success. You would need to combine positive thinking with taking action while doing hard work to manifest happiness in your life; and you would need to be patient with yourself and give yourself time to detach or rest so that you do not become tense and lose your positive vibrational frequency in the process of doing hard work. Pursuing only work without being positive would make you negative and lead to health problems overtime, due to a consistent release of negative hormones. Blind pursuit of material things, parties and money leads to increasing disillusionment with life; as you would keep realizing outer success without any inner happiness. But, if you combine hard work with feeling positive and allow yourself to be silent mentally at intervals for taking breaks to detach/let go; you would arrive at solutions to problems much faster and be happier, healthier and wiser, in the long run. The need for eating fatty foods, taking drugs and using violence are all results of overworking the mind to attain goals of success without taking time off to detach. The mind needs to be given interval space every hour for a minute. The breaks from thinking are achieved by being completely silent and feeling only neutral vibrations of positive bliss as in meditation exercises given in later chapters. Practical Exercise 26 (PE 9.1): Improve Concentration Using visualization and silent meditation is one of the easiest ways to increase concentration. The following meditation can be done anytime of the day and would take five minutes. 1. Imagine exhaling all your problems out of your head like black smoke coming out of a kettle of boiling water. 2. Imagine a ball of light above your head and feel rays of light entering your head. Feel your head filled with this light filling up the cells like bulbs glowing in your head. 3. Be in silence inhaling the light and spreading it all over your body. 4. Imagine concentrating on your books with complete silence around you. Even if there are noises around you, your total concentration remains on the books, and you absorb the subject you are studying with interest. 5. Imagine yourself concentrating for an hour by imagining the clock dials after an hour. Feel good while studying. 6. Feel yourself absorbing the lesson as energy going inside you. Imagine yourself writing the main points briefly and imagine yourself recalling the main points whenever needed. Then imagine closing the books and relaxing with closed eyes. Feel the silence for a minute and wake up. 7. After this concentration exercise: ground yourself. Imagine yourself as a tree and your roots going deep into Earth. 8. Also, practice being silent for one minute with a smile, every morning as soon as you get up and concentrating on your books easily during the day. 9. Practice being silent in your mind for one minute before going to sleep and thank God imagining that you could concentrate well during the next day. This exercise CREATES a thought wave in your mind which focuses on concentration. The repeated focus on this thought wave would strengthen the thought wave of concentration. Overtime, as this thought wave strengthens, it would attract more thoughts of matching frequencies and you would find yourself concentrating automatically more than you could ever before. For further reading, please refer to the book SPIRITUALITY IN EDUCATION, cghapter 9 _ that explains Integration Of The THree Laws Of Vibration with Awareness For Manifestation. (} ?

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The Day of Judgment

Every religion has forecasted a return of God in energy terms towards the completion of a cycle of suffering on Earth and the beginning of the New Age. About 15 religions or more are calling in incarnations from the Higher World who will come together to unite the world as One.

The time on Earth, now is close to the so-called Second coming of Christ which has been forecasted. There is supposed to be a Day of Judgment, accompanying the end of the present age on Earth, on which it would be decided which souls would go to heaven and which will move back to lower frequencies . The concept of HELL has been dissolved as it has backfired in terms of facilitating human evolution due to negative spirits stuck in hell preventing evolution of future rebirths ,while refusing to evolve the self . Those designated for hell will now move to being animals or go to other planets like Mars where life will restart from basic plant forms and evolve to higher civilizations over millions of years..

However, contrary to the simplistic religious interpretation of the Day of Judgment, from the soul’s perspective, which reads only energies/ feelings behind phenomenon, there is not supposed to be a single day in which humans will stand in a line and God will decide on who should go to heaven and who to hell
The process will take a minimum of ten years, starting from 2012 and broadly culminating in 2029 However, even after 2029 , the process will karmically continue to allot dimensions till humanity continues to exist on Earth ... As Ice Age is expected in 1500 years again , from 2020 , it is not clear whether the majority of human beings will survive the shift to Higher Earth and live for many more years or start dissolving by 2134 AD . If human beings can end pollution by taking more responsibility to radiate energies of positivity in their creations , the human race will improve with rising positive energies of the planet and can survive two thousand years more till 4321 AD . Otherwise, the spirits will move to dimensions of higher or lower frequency.

In this book , the term HELL has been used to represent a dimension of low frequency of happiness and a lower realm than Earth, while the term HEAVEN has been used to represent a dimension of high frequency of happiness and higher realms.

Going to Heaven or Hell is an outcome of a learning process in which advanced souls are expected to help human beings evolve to higher levels of consciousness. But, though an advanced soul, like God, can guide us on how to choose brightness and happiness as ways of life instead of worry and gloom; the final choice of whether to enter heaven or hell lies with each individual soul, as it always has.

In successive moments of crisis, if we choose the path towards happiness, from our soul’s perspective, we enter heaven because then, we would die satisfied at the moment of death. The spirit feels positive while leaving our body when we die feeling satisfied. If the spirit feels positive, it would reach the positive dimensions of heaven.

But, if we have regrets at the moment of death, because of the choices we have made in our life, we would die feeling negative. If we feel negative or sad or unhappy at the moment of death, we may not be able to connect to the positive dimensions of the Light. So, as spirits feeling negative, we may enter a dimension which would support our negative frequencies. Negative frequencies are supported in dimensions like hell.

The choice to feel positive or negative while choosing paths in life is ours, but where those choices lead us to reach, as souls, becomes a mechanical process of matching energy frequencies.

The Day of Judgment holds at a feeling level from the soul’s perspective. There would come a moment in each of our lives where we would have to choose between the path which would lead us to feel content from within, as souls and the path which would seem practical from a financial perspective , but may not lead to what we desire to achieve, as souls.

If we choose the path which appears financially realistic at the present moment, but demands that we leave our happiness or our ideals of a positive life, in the process, then we may choose against God’s wisdom and enter the path of suffering which may lead to hell viz. a lower planet or the animal kingdom.

Only the path which makes us feel peaceful from within and helps our soul evolve to a higher positive frequency, would take us closer to the ideology or frequency of God or heaven. It does not matter what actions we take to feel peaceful, and whether those actions are conventionally rational or irrational ; all that matters in evolution is that we, as energy beings , raise our frequency to match the positive energy of the dimensions of heaven.

If our positive frequency is rising, it means that we are successfully passing our soul tests and moving towards achieving our soul’s purpose of incarnation. In the process of graduating as souls, we learn the art of mastering consciousness to create happiness in our lives while on Earth.

Usually, if we choose the path which helps us uphold our positive ideology in the present moment in the hope that it would lead us to happiness in the future, we take a leap of faith. When we take a leap of faith, we surrender to God as we tread on a path which seems blind, trusting that God would help us. When we trust that God would help us, we align with the thinking of God and allow miracles or unexpected manifestations, to happen in our lives, in alignment with our dominant point of focus.

Whether we finally achieve our financial goals of success or not, on this path which leads to our happiness, we would still feel happier from within, than we would by choosing a path,where we compromise out of fear that God would not be able to help us. The moment we compromise on the belief that God cannot help, we lose trust in God and move further away from the way of working of the Creator. That lowers our frequencies as we become negative. The fear in us does not match in energy frequency with the positive faith of being like God. The mis-match of energy between our thinking and working, prevents the positive frequencies of God from helping us.

Subsequently, we enter a negative energy cycle. Hence, though we may keep succeeding at the external levels, our belief in God or happiness or goodness keeps falling further. As a result, we cannot achieve happiness inspite of all the financial wealth we amass, because we feel that our life is based on a compromise.

The continuous focus on the negative leads us to die feeling negative. The thought a spirit dies with remains in his energy, and influences his release to the celestial zones. This negative thought has to be transcended into positive to facilitate the transition of the spirit, from the Earth plane to a spiritually positive dimension. When the spirit’s energy is clear and detached, it raises its frequency at the point of leaving the body and can reach the dimensions of positivity, like heaven.(For more details on the concept of Spirit Release, please read the book – The Life Plan of Creation vs. An Astrology Report )

As spirits, we face a black door or a Sun-like bright energy when we die, as is often seen in past life regressions. Feeling negative causes us to reject God or the bright Light which calls us with love. We do not feel loved when we feel compromised and hence, cannot receive the energy of love or light. By dying feeling sad or defeated, we, subconsciously,accept blackness or hang in between heaven and hell.

Whether we go to hell or choose to hang in between, our soul devolves. When our soul reincarnates, in another body, we are born feeling negative. At an energy transmission level, we affect our future incarnations, negatively because we keep living at a point energetically frozen with doubt in our minds. Energy does not dissolve automatically, like the body does. It has to be transcended into positive with conscious mind control.

As spirits who die feeling alienated from Light at the point of death, we are not sure about the existence of God and we spread those thoughts as ripples of energy along the same focus point.

Our negative energy affects any soul energy which matches us in frequency. So, by dying negative and not reaching the Light, we affect the souls who are alive and feel negative by making their traumas worse.
However, after 2012, with the changing frequencies of the planet, we would no longer be able to hang in between heaven and hell as spirits.
In the New Age, spirits would have to depart to their original dimensions where they came from or devolve to a lower dimension, like the animal kingdoms, so that they cannot lower Earth’s frequencies by sending out negative transmissions.

The prophesized Day of Judgment would be a moment of time in each soul’s life where s/he would be asked to make a final choice.

After 2012, when it would become necessary to throw off negative thought-patterns and the machines ( souls/bodies ) which produce them, there would come a point in each soul’s life where s/he would have to choose between a leap of faith or realism from the present perspective.

The souls who choose to leap towards God would survive and move on to higher frequencies, whereas the souls which make choice out of the fear that they won’t be able to survive in the higher human frequencies.

The spirits who cannot make choices by trusting God and their powers to create, would collapse overtime as evolved human bodies, and devolve into animal bodies, where consciousness matches their low frequencies.

This is an excerpt from the updated edition of the book CREATION OF HAPPINESS. THE ENERGY WAR , a soul's perspective of co-creation of reality , chapter 16

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Human minds are connected to each other through an electro-magnetic field called the MIND GRID.

The planet Earth is a living entity and has a consciousness of its own, which includes the sum total of consciousness of all human beings living on Earth. Earth has a MIND GRID which encompasses the human mind grid.

The Earth’s MIND GRID is dominated by human thinking. In other words, the thoughts we human beings focus our energies on, create manifestations on Earth.

The manifestations of Mass Consciousness

The thought patterns of an individual can be referred to as individual consciousness and the sum total of these thought patterns is referred to as mass consciousness.

The planet’s energies are directly influenced by mass consciousness.

There has been an overall increase in negative energy compared to positive energy on our planet over the last few hundred years, since industrialization began.

The boom of technology suppressed belief in an alternate reality. Science ruled over faith, though faith was not against science. The top scientists believed in quantum physics which only faith could explain. As Einstein said “THE MORE I STUDY SCIENCE, THE MORE I BELIEVE IN GOD”.
Yet, the laymen started using science as a weapon against religious exploitation. As a result, the emotional support which humans held onto by believing in God, got clouded by doubt. Since psychic intuition was also being misused for gaining negative power, the belief in following intuition also was mocked.People lost confidence in their own ability to connect to a higher intelligence, and felt defeated/negative. While it was necessary to prevent ignorance about religion from spreading darkness, the technology boom of the early twentieth century did not ensure lesser levels of anxiety or stress.
Negative thinking increased as industrialization demanded that the workforce compromise on their leisure time for meeting needs of work. Negative energy increased more as work pressure increased, since women left their homes to earn as their husbands did, in a search for respect and equality. That led to mass schooling and resultant suppression of individual talent. Negative energy further increased as children were overburdened with demands of the competitive world.

A stress on understanding emotions was sidelined as they blocked people from sacrificing themselves to work in the industries.

The masses were asked to prioritize work above all else, be it happiness, love, freedom, creative thinking or sexual completeness. People were given temporary pleasures to remain slaves of work which glittered on the surface but did not interfere in work timings like cinema, fast foods, cloth bonanzas, cars, drugs, alcohol, weapons etc.

With speedy technological development, emotional needs started getting more sacrificed, as emotions could not be touched or heard and did not glitter as the machines of the technological age did.
Therefore, to the evolving young souls, they did not appear as fascinating toys as the cars and mobiles did; and were neglected as not worth spending energy on.
The orientation of the modern age became focused on external, tangible innovations. The needs for emotional cleansing of the soul, necessary to clear energy circuits and attain happiness were suppressed. A pursuit of happiness was considered a distraction of the mind, because happiness could not be seen or proven to exist.

Emotional management was not considered a priority, though, had it replaced religious dogmatism, it would have balanced material development and soul evolution; success with happiness.But, happiness was sidelined in the pursuit of success in the material world in the belief that it would come automatically, with the Midas touch.

Since, negativity was not addressed, the negative thinking patterns could not be transcended into positive and accumulated over-proportionately. Depressions and disease increased in societies.
The technological inventions glittered and awed humans , but did not fulfill soul needs like feeling loved, sexual satisfaction, creativity, being in a healthy body and laughing from within.

A focus only on external aspects of life led to everincreasing soul dissatisfaction. As people spent their money and effort on buying goods which promised happiness but did not give happiness, there was a rising feeling of emptiness in life.

Due to excess negative energy clusters, the planet Earth, now, experiences an energy imbalance. As the energy imbalance tilts more towards the negative, life gets continually threatened by physical manifestations of a catastrophic focus, like floods or epidemics..

When, individual consciousness is focused on the negative, mass consciousness is automatically cantered around the negative.

The more individuals feel sad, the more physical disasters increase. As Earth exists in a physical dimension, whatever we focus on, in our minds gets manifested at a physical, tangible level. Each person’s thought patterns has an effect on mass energy levels, on a continual basis. Hence, whenever we engagein any kinds of negative thinking as in worrying, depression, low moods, feeling stressed, angry or diseased , we directly contribute to an increase in negative energy clusters on the planet.

Just as individual consciousness affects mass consciousness, the reverse also holds true. An overall negative mass consciousness affects individual consciousness, negatively. If an individual attempts to focus on the positive, s/he is constantly forced to focus on negativity by other people, focused on their problems.

Each feeling is converted into a picture at the subconscious level, and each picture mobilizes energy so that it can get converted into reality, in physical terms.
When we focus on thoughts which adversely impact our joy of living at an individual level, events happen on the planet which pull down the overall joy of living.

As a result, there is widespread increase in different types of diseases, epidemics, natural calamities, floods etc. At the same time, violence also increases in the world at both the individual or mass levels, inspite of all the preaching to control it.

Suppressed rage rules human minds, and throws up at irrationally uncontrollable moments because negative emotions when repeatedly unaddressed, get fuelled by an internal, subtle focus on negativity.
The unaddressed emotions do not get transcended into positive on their own. The suppressed emotional anger has to be systematically released, so that the consistent release of stress hormones in the body can be controlled.
When we ignore our internal traumas and do not try to heal our wounded hearts by emotional management therapy, we feel defeated. The feeling of failure makes us get more trapped in the vicious circles of negativity.
A denial to focus on unhappiness such as to address and heal it, leads to creation of more unhappiness due to internal suppression. People keep compromising with being unhappy because attempting to be happy requires rebellion from existing mass thought, which instills fear in non-evolving humans.
Souls have to keep evolving to higher, positive frequencies to attain ever rising levels of happiness and peace. Choosing to be negatively static emotionally, leads to frustration as the soul needs to evolve, to desire to stay alive.

The external reasons which we blame for the calamities, suppressed violence or wars are manifestations of a result of a negatively focused human mind.Our individual focus on the negative, adds onto the energy of unhappiness in the world, in different ways depending on the specific feelings being focused upon.

Examples of manifestations of individual negative consciousness onthe level of collective consciousness

Natural calamities caused by a negatively tilted soul consciousness


Floodsresult from a negative energy cluster in mass consciousness which wants to throw up. The individual thought accompanying the rising waters is,‘I have had enough, I can’t take it anymore, I want to throw up’ – a common thought in today’s world.

This thought originates due to an excessive focus on fear of survival and negative competition.
Most human beings who are successful are concentrated on a feeling of rising high in material success, but sinking in terms of peace and relaxation. Pangs of emptiness often haunt individual minds, since soul needs are sedated to meet external pressures. Suppressed anger opens its fangs off and on.
The same feeling gets transferred on the physical plane at the mass level and causes the same kind of destruction as is felt in the individual mind. The need to throw up, as a mass thought, results in earthquakes and floods.

The high waves are a physical representation of soaring energies, at the cost of disturbance of normal balance between the material and spiritual need of the body and soul. If we notice, the waves literally look like opening up of a snake’s fangs of anger.The more individuals feel that they are rising high but losing normal balance of life, the more floods like Tsunamis occur.

There are also frequent reports on how the planet is in the danger of coming under water, with the sea level rising, which may come true if we chose to continue feeling that we are drowning in the troubles of life, in our minds.


Epidemicsor mass illnesses, result from a negative energy cluster in mass consciousness focused on the feeling that everything is lost. Feelings like ‘we are too tired to fight anymore’, ‘one cannot trust anybody’, ‘there is no hope of joy in life’, ‘and death is the only escape now’ are common particularlyamongst the poor masses.

By unconsciously thinking they cannot fight anymore, people pass these suggestions to the subconscious mind, which affect their immune system negatively. Overtime, with continuous focus, it is proven to them that they cannot fight anymore; when external physical circumstances manifest such that they cannot literally fight newly created diseases.

During epidemics, there is a fast spread of infectious diseases leading to death of several people. With a sustained focus on feeling helpless,the people’s immunity fails them on the physical plane and they die in despair. The medical cures fail because the trapped souls believe that nothing can save them from their problems.They want to give up and die than live in misery not knowing that when they die in misery, as souls,they may reach dimensions like hell, where they get even more trapped.

People who choose to give up, subconsciously and die, are not aware that death would not release them from their traumas since the problems exist at an energy/ soul level; and the soul would not die with death. The problems release only when the negative energy circuits in the mind which cause the soul frequency to dip, are broken. The trapped soul energy is transcended into a positive frequency, by disciplined mind control on raising the soul frequency to positive.
Letting sadness ruleover our zeal to be alive cannot help our souls find happiness through death. But, overcoming difficulty bycreating happiness while alive, can lead to further happiness after death, since a happy soul reaches a positive dimension.

Droughts/ Famines

Droughts/ Faminesresult when several individuals are focused on feeling barren. Thoughts like ‘there is not enough nourishment in my life /; there is not enough to live on/ I feel empty / the Gods are angry and are cursing us/ I am falling short of resources/ resources are not going to come/ we have to live with the bare minimum/life feels barren etc. create physical manifestations of barren land.

Water is the essence of life. It is when people feel that the essence of life is missing that they create the same reality on the physical plane, by repeatedly focusing on feelings of emptiness, deprivation thirst or craving.

Rain can be manifested during drought, through a consistent focus on feeling wet and satiated, irrespective of the dryness outside. But, if people focus only on the external reality, and feel more deprived, they reinforce feeling dry and create more of the same feeling. Then, they blame God for their problems, in desperation for water but that worsens their situation.
When negative vibrations leave the soul energy, they get multiplied through praying with a negative mind-set, since the positive energy which God sends back gets sucked into the blackness.

Metaphorically, if a child paints a canvas black and then expects his parent to fill it with colors, it cannot happen. The blackness has to be reduced for any other color to fill the canvas. Similarly God’s positive energy cannot reach us when we feel black or empty from within. It is only when we, as souls, become neutral or attain some degree of positivity, can we receive the positive vibrations from the universe.

Man-made calamities

Wars and terrorism- result from a mass consciousness where individuals constantly feel cheated, and deprived of their fair rights, where there is a fear that abundance is limited, belief that there can be never enough for all, and for one to survive another must die.
When individual free thought is suppressed and masses believe that bullying others can lead to getting them back their own rights, then, use of non-intellectual methods of persuasion seem justified.

Wars are an extension of animal consciousness in the human mind, where one animal has to kill another for his own survival.

The continuance of the need for wars proves that human consciousness has not yet evolved to its true potential and is still stuck at rudimentary levels of survival. Logic has not developed to the extent of negating the need for violence, because the easy way out can still taken by using bull-strength.

for further reading, please refer to the book CREATION OF HAPPINESS _ CHAPTER 18- THE EARTH'S MIND GRID AND MANIFESTATIONS


This blog is an excerpt from my book - CREATION OF HAPPINESS: THE ENERGY WAR , A SOUL'S PERSPECTIVE   Epidemics or mass illnesses, resul...